#Awkward and Here’s Some New Stuff

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Here is a roundup of #Awkward and Here’s Some New Stuff, our show from September 19 – October 25, 2014.

#Awkward, a group exhibition featured the work of five artists: Eric Conrad, Andrew Dickson, Brooke Inman, Lilly McElroy, and Lee Walton. #Awkward showcased work that explores uncertainty and discomfort in human relationships. Calling attention to the inelegance of communication, as well as the ungainly, the embarrassing and the absurd in the human condition.

Here’s Some New Stuff showcased Mike Erickson’s idiosyncratic paintings as a reminder that art can be serious, playful, absurd, and tragic. Erickson paints vaguely familiar images with striking immediacy that rely on a highly particular visual language that weaves together personal, political, cultural, and art historical references. The context of Art is often present – evoking elements of painting or the artist himself, and the process of creating. Seen as a whole, Erickson’s oeuvre was a complex system of interconnected narratives that revealed the artist’s engagement with the world and the quest for critical examination of one’s life.

#Awkward received yet another fantastically focused review from the Informality Blog, http://informalityblog.com/awkward-addressing-discomfort-thru-a-social-media-lens/

Andrew Dickson offered life coaching to select audience members during #Awkward:


Lee Walton created a series of “Happy Birthday” videos for local KC friends of PLUG:

Happy Birthday Bill Brady

Happy Birthday Cara Megan Lewis

Happy Birthday Dylan

Happy Birthday Julie Dalgleish

Happy Birthday Scott Dickson

And to conclude, we hosted a critical writing workshop with Dr. David Cateforis, professor in The University of Kansas’ Art History Department. Here are a few of the participants’ reviews of the work in both shows:

Milica AcamovicLucas WetzelJessica Kincaid

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