Reviews: Christa Donner and Julie Farstad

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Christa Donner’s solo show HOM/EMBODY exhibited May through June 2014 alongside PLUG’s new Solo Space gallery with a show by Julie Farstad entitled Under the Orange Sky. Below you will find descriptions of Donner and Farstad’s work along with three reviews from the Pitch, INK KC, and Informality Blog.

Embedded in Donner’s work is an ex…change between individuals and communities. These interactions, which take the form of interviews, small-press zines, and collaborative events, provoke us to consider our relationships with our bodies and each other. Donners believes, “My speculative work in the studio is amplified by the community of creative thinkers and cultural workers raising small children that I’m helping to organize, educate and advocate for and with. It exists both virtually and physically and will continue to evolve as its participants grow and change.” Donner hosted a short artist talk on the exhibition and led a generative workshop combining interview and collage to create a collaborative zine.

Farstad seeks to explore themes of childhood, religion and mysticism. Her paintings, both in oil paint and fabric, focus primarily on the doll as subject. She uses children’s toys, art history, and landscape references to create images that are about identity development, rites of passage, and the longing for divine revelation. Recently, Farstad has begun to explore quilting and embroidery processes in her work because of her interest in their warmth and flexibility as well as the surprising relationship that hand-quilting has to her painting practice. This media introduces a new discourse on comfort and craft into her existing conversation.

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