Temporary Art Review: Lost and Found

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“Lost and Found” was an exhibition that opened November 2013 and recently recieved a review at Temporary Art Review.  Temporary Art Review is a publication that engages the conversation about contemporary practice by highlighting projects that take place outside of traditional art centers.  They serve as a resource to better the art community as a resource and an alternative perspective engaging in a discourse driven by collaboration.

Lost and Found features artists Sarah Bostwick, Nuala Clarke, Emily Connell, Ethan Greenbaum, Elana Herzog, Alex Lukas and Daniel Shea. This show considers the fossils or remnants of the present day, using a wide variety of media including fiber, sculpture, photography and drawing. This exhibition features work that evaluates remnants through a discovery process, as well as work that utilizes found objects and detritus. There is a simultaneous past, present and future established within Lost and Found, as some works are steeped in the history of their past while others are contingent on their future potential. The culmination of these works seeks to ask, what will be left behind for future generations to define us by? Are these remnants an accurate portrayal of our society?


Lost and Found at PLUG Projects


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