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PLUG Projects is hosting SPARK PLUGS a Saturday morning youth focused discussion and artmaking workshop in connection with Julie Schenkelberg’s solo exhibition. Coffee provided!

SEA — a meditation for YOU and Cassini | Oct. 15

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Poet and contemplative artist Philip Matthews will lead an original meditation in response to No One Looks After You, an exhibition of sculptural and video works by Jennifer Baker, on view at PLUG Projects from September 15 through October 28.

The meditation is inspired by the artist’s sense of kinship with the spacecraft Cassini, which has gifted us new knowledge and images of Saturn and its moons since Cassini’s arrival at Saturn in 2004. Cassini’s last mission to record unprecedented footage of Saturn’s rings — before it propels itself into Saturn, destroying itself, on September 15 — is currently underway.

The meditation marks the twentieth anniversary of Cassini’s departure from Earth on October 15, 1997, and will honor Cassini, grounded by the conceptual anchors of Service, Empathy, and Annihilation, blending Cassini’s imagined perspective with our own.

Philip will create a container that is structured enough to hold attention, and open enough for you to shape it into something that is useful to you in the present moment. Throughout, you will be cued with questions, symbolic images, and actions to consider and make your own.

If you can, please bring a yoga mat or meditation cushion and a blanket. Some mats, cushions, blankets, and props will be provided on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you have questions about whether this experience is right for you, or are curious about other opportunities, feel free to reach out to Philip at

Philip Matthews is a poet and contemplative artist from eastern North Carolina whose practice roots in ritual and performance.

From 2016 to 2017, Philip was a Writing Fellow at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown — where he wrote new poetry and lyric essay from site-specific rituals — and previous to that, the Assistant Curator of Public Projects at the Pulitzer Arts Foundation in St. Louis. This fall, Philip is a Lecturer at the Kansas City Art Institute.

Drawing upon his experiences as a writer, curator, and yoga teacher, Philip leads workshops that bring together movement, breathing techniques, visual meditations of his own design, and magic rituals aimed at creating space for reflection and breakthrough.

He has received grants and residencies from the Wormfarm Institute, the Regional Arts Commission St. Louis, and the Hemera Foundation, and he is a finalist for the 2017 Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Poetry Fellowship.

For more info, visit


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On Sept 14th, at 6pm, Julie Schenkelberg will host a public lecture about her artistic process, discussing her installations, the process of building them, and the importance of found materials. 

PLUG Projects is excited to partner with the Kansas City, Missouri Office of Culture and Creative Services and the Kansas City Design Center as part of the “West Bottoms Reborn,” a project supported by the National Endowment for the Arts Our Town Grant. Plug is pleased to bring internationally recognized artist Julie Schenkelberg to Kansas City. This project is part of a series of public engagements designed to honor the history (and place) of the historic West Bottoms. Incorporating materials from the region as a representation and indicator of site, Schenkelberg will respond to the West Bottoms’ rich history by building a site-specific installation


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Spend a Saturday morning outside learning about the historic West Bottoms while taking part in a super fun scavenger hunt! We are on the hunt for objects and items for incoming visiting artist Julie Schenkelberg’s site specific installation.

Spark Plugs #3 | July 22nd

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PLUG Projects is hosting SPARK PLUGS a Saturday morning youth focused discussion and artmaking workshop in connection with The Rugmaker’s Daughter, a solo exhibition by Lexie Abra Johnson. Coffee provided!


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Open Call at PLUG Projects

Are you an artist working in the Kansas City region? PLUG Projects is now accepting proposals for our local solo gallery. If you are interested in putting together a one-person show, please submit the following:

Biography (less than 300 words)
Artist Statement (less than 500 words)
Show Proposal
Website Link

5-8 Images / Media
JPEGs, GIFs, or PNGs
For video, audio and other time-based media, links are preferred

Email with LOCAL SOLO PROPOSAL in the subject line with the above information by 11:59 PM July 28, 2017.

PLUG Projects Local Solo Gallery Map


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Come participate Thursday, June 29th at 6pm!

CRIT 31 presents artists Haley Chaffin, Zoe Chressanthis and Carolos Ortiz-Gallo, with moderators Benjamin Rosenthal and Galadriel Thompson.

Lactobacillus Amongus: Closing Potluck

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SE Nash

As part of their show, Lactobacillus Amongus, SE Nash invites you to a closing potluck event on June 25th, at PLUG Projects, from 5-7pm.

Participants of the show (the sourdough starter’s owners) will each bake with their starter this event.

Hanky Code Workshop

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The Hanky Code is a visual system used primarily by gay men within the queer community to “flag” potential sexual partners using a code of color and material signifiers worn in one’s back pocket. Boi Boy is taking over the planning room of PLUG Projects to present and discuss the history of the Hanky Code while encouraging its resurgence in queer culture. Participants will discuss the notion of queer identity, signaling within the queer community, and what it means to cruise in a digital age. During the discussion individuals will be led through a dying workshop to create a hankie that aligns with their sexual interest.


This workshop coincides with the one night only exhibition, “Select Username and Password,” opening at Front/Space, located at 217 W 18th St, Kansas City, MO 64108 on June 2nd. A collaboration between Blair Schulman and Boi Boy, including works by Kevin Heckart and Matthew Johnson, the exhibition kicks off Pride Month by exploring the history of cruising from the park to iPhone.


Boi Boy would like to, “encourage our community to come out of the digital closet, reflect on our history and have a fun time dying some hankies.” Come join us a PLUG Projects from 3-4pm for a happy hour of fun!

*because of mature content, Hanky Code Workshop is recommended for 18+

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